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Considering to invest in Residential Property?

Secure best property loans through KPG brokers

Australia offers a bright option to invest in residential property and Australians are aware of it. Generations of them have secured regular income from residential real estate through regular, tax-friendly rent returns. Investment in Residential property offers long-time growth potential.

Let KPG mortgage brokers help you in Residential Property Investment

In investment planning
Investment in residential property requires strong commitment as it involves a substantial amount of finance. The expert will guide you according to your current financial position, will provide you range of options and inform you how much money you will need. KPG expert broker advice will let you take the right step ahead with confidence.

If you already own a home, did you know

In choosing the best loan for property investment

KPG mortgage brokers help you choose the best loan from a variety of options. It lets you compare from a range of loan products and gives an idea of the competitive rates and fees involved. Contact us to get tailored advice best suited for landlords. o Various loan options can be of particular interest to property investors

  • Fixed Rate Loans: Many investors choose fixed rate option and by knowing the annual interest charge in advance, they can pay up to 12 months of interest altogether and claim a tax deduction.
  • Interest Only Loans: In this loan payment option, the investor only requires to pay loan interest thus reducing on monthly payment burden as well as the repayments are tax-deductible. Call us to know more 1300 574 562
  • Line of credit: A line of credit allows borrowers to withdraw cash from loans up to a certain limit when they choose. This option is suited for experienced investors with a financial disciple to manage the loan carefully.

In updating you with changes in Investment lending

A lot has changed in terms of property investment in Australia. KPG Brokers will keep you updated with the changes and ease the complicated process of investment loan

Contact us and KPG experts will save you from all the paperwork. All you have to do now is focus on investment returns.

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