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Buying your next home becomes hassle free!

Buying your next home becomes hassle-free!

You must be having a pretty good idea of the amount of headache one experiences while organizing a home loan. Make your next home buying a smooth ride with KPG loans brokers.

How KPG brokers can help you buy your new home?

Upgrading your home

Reasons for upgrading your home:

  • Current home is a bit cramped
  • Relocating for work purposes
  • Want to shift from an apartment to a house
  • Other reasons

Whatever might be the reason for the upgrade, KPG loans will help you get through the hassles of home loan approval.

Guide to sell before you buy next home

If you are considering to buy before you sell as it is the safest option, it is good to know the finance options available to secure a new home while managing your current property

  • Talk to your current lender to secure an increase in your existing loan.
  • Bridging loan is the best solution when one faces a time gap between selling the old property and buying a new one. Bridging loans are short term loans to fund deposit on your new property and repay the balance when the house is sold.
  • Deposit guarantee or a deposit bond is a cheaper alternative to Deposit guarantee. Call us to know more about this option.
  • One of the cons of buying before selling is you may not be able to achieve the price from selling your home. Buying and selling also involves stamp duty and legal fees that needs to be factored into your current budget. So commit to buying before selling only if you’re are comfortable with the expenses.
  • Contact us to get more information on the finance options available to buy a new home before selling the current one.

Bridging finance between old and new home

A bridging loan, or bridging finance, is a short term loan typically with a term of six to 12 months, which covers both the existing and new debt. Talk to KPG expert brokers to understand the nitty-gritty of Bridging Finance.

Refinancing Home Loans

Now is the best time to consider refinancing option. Interest rates are at a historic low. Our KPG expert mortgage brokers will compare hundreds of refinancing options for you and let you choose the best one.

What is Refinancing Home Loan?
It refers to paying your current home loan by taking a new loan, either with your existing lender or through a different lender.

Why Refinancing?

  • Securing loan at better rates and reduce monthly repayments that will give you the peace of mind you deserve.
  • Consolidating other debts together will reduce the interest rates on Refinancing loans
  • Help you switch to a better loan option
  • Free up some of your capital for investment in property

Contact us to get all your paperwork sorted.

Loan portability

  • Learn from KPG mortgage brokers on an additional feature in your current loan known as portability.
  • With this feature you can take the same loan when you move from one property to another.
  • If you are satisfied with your current loan, portability option can give your savings on the costs that goes in Refinancing.
  • It is convenient option since you will be dealing with the same lender.

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